Keep Praying And Never Give Up!

Have you ever consistently prayed about something over, and over, and over again? Have you ever wondered if this was acceptable unto God?  Perhaps you repeated your prayer request, because you thought you weren’t getting through. Well, I have news for YOU!  God is very pleased when we PUSH (pray until something happens).

In Luke 18:1-8, Jesus shares a parable about a persistent widow who keeps coming to an unjust judge to plea for justice.  This judge does not fear God or man, and for a while the judge refuses to do anything.  Finally, one day he decides to help this widow, but why? Well, I know the answer!  He helped her not because he really wanted to, but simply because she kept pleading with him over, and over, and over again.  You see, persistence really does pay off.  Moreover, if an unjust judge could honor this persistent widow’s request even when he really didn’t want to, what more should we expect of our own heavenly Father who looks forward to answering our every request that we bring before Him?

Luke 18:7 reads “And shall God not avenge His own elect who cry out day and night to Him, though He bears long with them?” What an awesome promise!  Let us rejoice over this promise and revelation, because without a doubt we now know that repeating prayer requests over, and over, and over again is not offensive to God, but rather acceptable unto Him.

In closing, we now have proof  that we do not have to just pray sincerely and wait patiently for God to answer. We can raise our concerns with Him over, and over, and over again, because our Father never tires of our prayers. In fact, He looks forward to hearing us cry out to Him day and night, so that He can honor our requests.  Therefore, if you have asked God for something, and haven’t received it yet, KEEP PRAYING AND NEVER GIVE UP! Shalom!


About Donna Marie Powell

Carrying out Christ's mandate of preaching the Good News to the poor is my passion.
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  2. Japheth otieno says:

    Arise God so that my enemies may be to shame

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